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5 Examples of Telerobotics

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Telerobotics is the remote command and control of robots. By definition, robots are at least semi-autonomous meaning that they can do things without being controlled by a remote system. Nevertheless, it is common for robots to be controlled by telecommand. The following are illustrative examples.


Robotic space probes and tools such as a robotic arm on spacecraft controlled by crews on the ground or in space. Distant space probes may be controlled using a deep space network with significant latency in communication making real time control difficult.


Combining the expertise of a human with the steady hands of a robot. Allows for a variety of possibilities such as providing specialized medical services to remote communities.

Cloud Robotics

Using scalable cloud computing services to implement robotics. In such cases, the physical robot may be nothing more than a cloud client that lacks functionality without a network connection.


Sending a robot to an event in Hong Kong if you're too busy to fly there yourself and then using the robot's presence to experience the event and interact with people.

Skilled Labor

Combining the skill of humans with the physical strength, precision and durability of robots. Particularly useful for dangerous tasks or tasks in remote locations. For example, a human operator who repairs an undersea cable using a robot.
Overview: Telerobotics
The remote command and control of robots.
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