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11 Examples of Intelligent Things

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Intelligent things is a term for everyday objects that incorporate autonomous technology. In other words, intelligent things can respond to real world conditions automatically. The following are theoretical examples.


Self-replicating solar panels that automatically repair and regenerate as required to cover a surface such as the exterior of a building.


Bicycle lanes that automatically size for traffic patterns. For example, if there are 100 bicyclists traveling north and 10 bicyclists traveling south the lanes will flex to be wider going north to allow for passing.

Home Automation

A secured door that automatically opens when you arrive home based on factors such as your face, manner of walking and an electronic card in your pocket.


A building that prepares itself for an earthquake seconds before it arrives. For example, smart windows that go into a safety mode to prevent shattering.


A farming robot that responds to the health of each individual plant. For example, if a particular radish plant looks like it is wilting the robot may decide to give the plant more water.


A swarm of robotic submarines that clean up ocean plastic without interfering with navigation or ocean ecosystems.

User Interfaces

A sound system that can respond to requests such as "what's that song I like with the heavy drums from the 1970s."


A small toy car that can think of new stunts to try based on conditions such as an obstacle course set up by a kid.


Luggage that follows you around without bumping into people.


A vehicle, aircraft, machine or tool that refuses commands likely to result in injury to life.


Ice skates that adapt to conditions and customers to be slightly easier to use without being fully automated.
Overview: Intelligent Things
A term for everyday objects that incorporate autonomous technology.
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