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Data Integration Sitemap

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Data integration is the process of moving data. This can occur between data sources that create copies or views of the same data for different purposes such as a data warehouse that takes a copy of transactional data for the purposes of analytics. Data integration can also occur between data sources and systems that simply use the data or display it to a person to use. It is common for large organizations to have a significant number of data integration processes that may number in the thousands. As such, organizations may use a variety of technologies and techniques to accomplish efficient, stable and reliable data integration. The following are examples of data integration architectures and techniques.

Data Integration

This is the complete list of articles we have written about data integration.
Data Federation
Data Integration
Data Migration
Data Producer
ESB Failure
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Data Migration

The common approaches to data migration.

Enterprise Service Bus

A definition of enterprise service bus and overview of its value.

Data Integration Definition

An overview of data integration.


An overview of data with a list of examples.

Types Of Data

The basic types of data.

Dark Data

The definition of dark data with examples.

Data Massage

The mysteries of data massage.

Data Definition

Several useful definitions of data.


A definition of analytics with examples.

Data vs Information

The difference between data and information.

Hard Data vs Soft Data

The difference between hard data and soft data.

Human Readable

A definition of human readable.

Data Loss

The common types of data loss.

Master Data

A definition of master data with examples.

Reference Data vs Master Data

The difference between reference data and master data.

Customer Data

A list of common types of customer data.

Data Examples

Common examples of data.

Data Collection

An overview of data collection with examples.

Unstructured Data

A definition of unstructured data with examples.
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