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22 Examples of Data Management

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Data management is the strategic control of data. This is typically concerned with areas such as data quality, data architecture, database management, data security, data compliance, analytics, data integration and master data management. The theoretical scope of data management is quite broad but in practice it may be focused on data quality and improving operational efficiencies related to data architecture. The following are examples of data management.
Data Governance
Oversight, ownership, compliance and accountability for data.
Data Quality
Ensuring data is useful for its purpose, accurate and complete.
Data Security
Protecting data in storage, transit and use from unauthorized access.
Data Privacy
Protecting personal data in compliance with laws, standards and ethical principles.
Data Backup
Backup and restore processes.
Data Retention
Implementing policies for retaining and deleting data.
Data Integration
Making data available to systems and applications that require it.
Data Archiving
Long term preservation of data.
Data Analysis
The practice of finding meaning in data.
Data Auditing
A systematic evaluation of data management, data quality and data security.
Audit Trail
Keeping a record of all data access and changes that can be traced to its source.
Master Data Management
Using an authoritative source for important data and preventing duplication related issues.
Data Lineage
Recording the history and origin of data.
Data Stewardship
Making individuals responsible and accountable for the content of data.
Data Custodians
Making individuals responsible for data related technologies such as databases and integrations.
Data Escrow
Storing data with a neutral third party that will release the data given certain conditions.
Data Purging
Permanently deleting data.
Data Risk Management
Identifying, treating and monitoring data related risks.
Data Architecture
The structural design of data systems and data models.
Data Anonymization
Treating data to make it difficult to tie it to a person.
Database Design
Designing the structure of data such as relationships between entities.
Data Availability
Ensuring data is available as required.

Data Management

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