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56 Examples of Engagement Data

Engagement data is information that captures interactions with the customer. This can be viewed as measurement of the customer journey whereby any aspect of the customer experience can be captured as data. The following are common examples of engagement data.
Ad Engagement
Address Changes
Answered a Question
App Engagement
Bill Payments
Brand Affinity
Brand Perceptions (survey)
Business Purchases
Cart Abandonment
Checks Order Status
Click Through
Color Preference
Contact Permissions
Coupon Clips
Coupon Use
Customer Acquisition (how did you acquire customer)
Customer Service Experience (survey)
Customer Service Rating
Customer Since (date)
Customer Successes (i.e. your service produced a result for customer)
Email Engagements
Gift Purchases
In-store Purchases In-store Visits
Landing Page Visits Late Orders Lifetime Points
Loyalty Status
Missed Payments
Newsletter Preference Offer Engagement
Points Balance
Posted a Question
Preference Changes
Price Comparisons
Price Sensitivity
Problem Reports
Product Affinity
Product Comparisons
Product Perceptions (survey)
Product Ratings
Product Recalls
Product Reviews
Product Views
Review Views
Service Outages
Social Media Engagements
Website Engagement
Wish List Engagement
Wish List Items

Customer Data

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