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17 Examples of Customer Analytics

Customer analytics is a type of software that allows users to explore customer related data in an intuitive visual interface. This may include predefined reports that display visualizations of various raw customer data and computed metrics. Customer analytics also allows for the construction of custom reports across multiple data dimensions. The following are illustrative examples of customer analytics.
Abandoned Cart Analysis
Data around cart abandonment such as by marketing campaign at checkout.
Campaign Analysis
Customer responses to marketing campaigns such as the redemption rate for coupons.
Channel Attribution
Factors such as revenue and customer satisfaction by channel such as retail or ecommerce.
Customer Acquisition Cost
The cost of acquiring a customer by factors such as marketing campaign.
Customer Churn
Customer churn by dimensions such as product or account manager.
Customer Complaints
Data regarding customer complaints. Ideally this can be broken down by factors such as product.
Customer Engagement
Data pertaining to interactions with customers such as the average duration of visits to a mobile app.
Customer Feedback
Feedback data such as product review scores.
Customer Lifetime Value
Changes in customer lifetime value over time or by factors such as product.
Customer Loyalty Analysis
The frequency of purchases and data pertaining to loyalty incentives and programs.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction by dimensions such as location.
Customer Segmentation
Viewing data such as revenue by customer segment.
Customer Surveys
Navigating the results of customer surveys.
Product Affinity
Purchasing patterns by product such as products often purchased together.
Referral Tracking
Data pertaining to customer referrals such as the customer lifetime value of referred customers.
Sales Funnel
Viewing data about deals at various stages of the sales funnel such as the value of proposals made in a week.
Sales Performance
Revenue data by product, location, campaign, sales team and so forth.

Customer Analysis

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