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35 Types Of Influence

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Influence is the power to change the opinions, direction, decisions and actions of others. This occurs in every social group from societies down to small groups such as families or groups of friends. The following are the common types of influence.
Charismatic influence
Coalition building
Coercive influence
Cultural capital
Expert authority
Formal authority
Peer pressure
Productive influence
Referent power
Relational capital
Social relationships
Social status
Transactional influence
Charismatic influence is the process of using social skills to influence others.
Coalition building is the process of generating support with consultation.
Coercive influence is the use of power to force things through.
Cultural capital is the ability to influence within a particular culture.
Pathos is influencing with emotion.
Ethos is an appeal to authority.
Logos is a logical or rational argument.
Referent power is the ability to influence because you are respected by others.
Relational capital is a term for relationships that have future value. This is often used to influence. For example, a sales person who knows many people in your company such that they can pressure you to buy.
Productive influence is when you have influence because you are the one doing the work.
Transactional influence is a reward or punishment that is presented to influence in a particular situation.

Areas of Influence

The following are additional types and areas of influence.
Authority figures
Celebrity influence
Cultural influence
Economic influence
Educational influence
Industry influence
International influence
Media influence
Peer influence
Political influence
Role models
Social influence
Thought leadership
Groupthink is a situation where individuals in a group are socially pressured to accept a set of ideas.
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