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13 Types of Brand Strategy

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Brand strategies are a collection of techniques that create a differentiated identity for products, services and organizations. Its core techniques center around reputation and identity. Reputation includes factors such as a brand's character, quality and interactions with customers and communities. Identity includes visual items such as logos and non-visual items such as an idea associated with your products or services. The following are common brand strategies.

Brand Architecture

The structure of relationships between the brands of an organization.

Brand Concept

The general idea or abstract meaning behind a brand. Used to provide a consistent direction to your brand strategy.

Brand Culture

The idea that a brand can have a rich identity such as a set of shared experiences and meanings amongst customers.

Brand Equity

Brand equity is the value of a brand. Brands are often considered an intangible asset that have a monetary value that's typically difficult to calculate.

Brand Family

Using a single brand name for two or more products and services.

Brand Identity

Developing a unique identity for a brand to differentiate it in a crowded market place.

Brand Legacy

Legacy is a strong association between a brand and a type of product. Some brands work hard to build a particular legacy, in other cases a legacy is unwanted. For example, a brand may be associated with a type of product that's obsolete or out of fashion.

Brand Mission

A short statement about what you represent that's used to inspire customers and motivate your employees. Many brands have found success taking their mission statement seriously as a foundation of their strategy while others view it as a marketing copy.

Brand Positioning

A brand's position relative to other offerings in the same market. This usually means niche aspects of your brand that are unique.

Brand Quality

Quality is a relative term that's usually defined as meeting the expectations of your customers. Many highly successful brands primarily think of their brands as a symbol of quality.

Brand Recognition

Recognition is simply a measure of how many people can identify your brand by its visual symbols such as logo. In many cases, customers feel more comfortable purchasing brands they recognize even if they don't know much about it.

Brand Values

The character, ethics and integrity behind your brand. In many cases, companies that are strongly driven by a set of principles are able to make these an important part of their brand identity.

Brand Vision

A statement about the future of your brand that creates a sense of excitement or purpose. In many cases, a vision is a far out goal that isn't reachable in practice but nonetheless says something about you as a brand.
Overview: Brand Strategy
Plans to build a valuable identity for products, services and organizations.
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