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6 Examples of Efficiency

 , updated on February 09, 2017
Efficiency is the percentage of effort or resources that produces a result. It is the opposite of waste. The following are illustrative examples.

Energy Efficiency

A standard incandescent light bulb converts about about 2% of its energy consumption to light and 98% to heat. In an air conditioned room in a hot climate, this is quite inefficient.

Work Efficiency

Under ideal conditions, a particular programmer can write about 1000 lines of code in a day. One day, the programmer works from home and watches a few movies as she works. She produces only 100 lines of code. This represents efficiency of 10%. When she goes to the office efficiency drops to 7% due to meetings, commuting time and socialization with coworkers.

Process Efficiency

An ideal process can set up a customer's bank account for $20. The actual process costs $100. Waste is 80% and efficiency is 20%.

Solar Panels

A particular solar module can convert 20% of available solar energy to electricity under ideal conditions.

Device Efficiency

A pair of speakers use 50% of the energy they consume to generate sound.


An electric vehicle directs about 60% of its energy consumption to its wheels.
Overview: Efficiency
Business Costs
Definition (1)The percentage of effort that produces a result.
Definition (2)The percentage of resource potential that is utilized to produce a result.
Definition (3)The percentage of resource potential that is not wasted.
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