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26 Examples of Industrial Design

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Industrial design is the practice of designing physical products for mass production. This includes the design of consumer products, packaging, electronics, appliances, furniture, vehicles, home products, sports equipment, tools, medical devices, cosmetics and other products that are manufactured at scale.

Market Research

Determining customer needs, perceptions and the competitive landscape.

Design Research

Exploratory research to develop design foundations such as platforms.

Research & Development

Develop the technologies and capabilities that will go into products.

Design Objectives

Develop design goals and objectives.


Generating design ideas in an unconstrained flow.

Conceptual Design

Create multiple design concepts.

Sketches & Models

Develop sketches, mockups, and models of design concepts.

Concept Development

Prioritizing your best ideas and developing them further.


Testing designs with throwaway or evolutionary prototypes.

User Experience Design

Designing the user experience.


Develop material specifications for designs.

Design for Manufacturing

Make sure the design can be manufactured efficiently.

Cost Optimization

Estimate the manufacturing cost and work to optimize it.

Usability Testing

Get designs in front of customers, lead users or testers who advocate for customers.

Iterate Design

Modify the design, test it and modify again.

Design Reviews

Beginning with concept, regularly review designs with stakeholders and subject matter experts.

Refinement & Approval

Develop the design to a reasonable level of refinement and make the decision to manufacture and market.

Design Variants

Develop different product models and regional variations.

Color & Finish

Develop the details of color and style varieties.

Graphic Design

Create 2d visual elements for the product such as logos and labels.

Packaging Design

Design packaging in conjunction with marketing.

Design Patenting

Work to protect intellectual property related to the design.

Manufacturing Plan

Plan production processes and logistics.

Quality Plan

Plan to monitor, control and continuously improve quality.


Plan to launch, support and market the product.

Continuous Improvement

Continually improve the design and launch updated versions.
Fashion design is aligned to creative industries and isn't considered industrial design. Likewise, any product that seeks to avoid an industrial label isn't likely to be described as industrial design. For example, the formulation of food isn't industrial design.
Architecture produces unique structures and isn't industrial design.
Overview: Industrial Design
The practice of designing physical products for mass production.
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