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3 Examples of Machine Efficiency

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Machine efficiency is the capability of a machine to convert inputs to outputs efficiently without waste. This can be calculated using the efficiency formula. The following are common types of machine efficiency.

Energy Production

The conversion of available energy to usable energy. This can be calculated by the efficiency formula as follows.
Efficiency = (usable energy / available energy) * 100
For example, a solar panel that produces 350 watts of power from 1600 watts of sunlight:
Efficiency = (350 / 1600) * 100 = 21.875%

Energy Consumption

Energy efficiency can also be calculated for a machine that consumes energy by looking at the useful energy output by the machine.
Efficiency = (useful energy / available energy) * 100
The useful energy of a vehicle is the energy that goes into moving the vehicle forward. For example, an electric car that consumes 60 kWh on a particular drive that transfers 32 kWh of power to the wheels:
Efficiency = (32 / 60) * 100 = 53.3%
Energy efficiency is always below 100% as machines create some waste such as friction and heat.

Productivity Efficiency

Machines on a production line require inputs such as energy, labor, materials and parts. The productivity efficiency of machines can be calculated with the dollar cost of inputs and dollar value of outputs.
Efficiency = (output / input) * 100
For example, a machine in a job shop requires inputs of $400 an hour that produces parts with a value of $600:
Efficiency = (600/400) * 100 = 150%
A machine with productive efficiency over 100% creates value.
Overview: Machine Efficiency
The capability of a machine to convert inputs to outputs without waste.
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