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7 Examples of a Baseline

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A baseline is the state of something at a point in time. It is common for things to be in a constant state of change. A baseline is a frozen state that captures a particular moment for purposes such as control, comparison, benchmarking and forecasting. The following are common types of baseline.

Budget Baseline

A budget that was approved at a point in time. Used for purposes such as controlling change to a budget or forecasting future costs. For example, a government might use the current year's annual budget as a baseline and apply inflation projections in order to forecast future budget deficits.

Project Baseline

The approved schedule, budget and scope of a project at a point in time. Project baselines are a basic tool of project change management.


The approved configuration of something such as a software service at a point in time.

Functional Baseline

An approved version of requirements or specifications.


An approved version of a document. For example, an operations manual may undergo many revisions but frontline employees may continue to work from the baseline. At some point, the new document becomes the new baseline and employees are trained in the changes. This provides stability to working procedures.

Product Baseline

A releasable product at a point in time often marked by a version number.


A measurement of something at a point in time that may be used as a starting point for comparison. For example, in order to improve customer satisfaction you need to know what your baseline customer satisfaction is today.
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Project Management
Configuration Management
The state of something at a point in time used as a basis for control, calculation and comparison.
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