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Communication Failure
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Communication Analysis

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74 Examples of a Communication Problem

A communication problem is a barrier or failure that causes a communication process to be inaccurate or otherwise ineffective. This includes cognitive, social, language and situational issues that cause communication to fail in some way. The following are common examples.
Abilene paradox - group decisions that all member of the group view as irrational
Ad nauseam / over discussing something
Authoritarian language (e.g. you must ...)
Being overly serious
Cliches - saying things that have been said too often
Close-mindedness / biases
Cowardly language - not making a point in order to avoid criticism
Credibility shortfall
Dishonesty / lack of candor
Disorganized communications
Dumbing down / oversimplifying
Failure of imagination - static and unimaginative communication
Failure to consider your audience (motivation / attitudes / expectations)
Failure to persuade / poor influencing skills
Fallacies - types of arguments that are known to be invalid
Fear of criticism
Fear of public speaking
Finishing other people's sentences
Going off on a tangent - random directions in conversation
Groupthink - social pressure not to say what you really think
Inappropriate disclosures of private / confidential information
Ineffective body language
Ineffective communication channel (e.g. emailing something that deserves a conversation)
Ineffective questions
Ineffective visual communication
Information bubble - overestimating how much others agree with you due to living in a social bubble
Information overload
Invalid Assumptions
Lack of compassion / tolerance
Lack of eye-contact
Lack of grit - allowing small slights to get to you
Lack of rapport - inability to establish trust and goodwill
Lack of transparency
Language proficiency
Linguistic accuracy - using words incorrectly
Linguistic errors such as mispronunciation
Linguistic inflation - overly dramatic word choice
Low cultural competence
Missing the point
Misstating the facts
Needlessly complex language
Needlessly exclusionary language (using jargon to exclude outsiders)
Needlessly obscure language
Negative politics
Noise - distracting sounds, visuals or information
Not anticipating objections - expecting no resistance to your ideas when obviously there will be
Not getting humor
Not listening
Overconfidence / arrogance
Overly emotion communication
Overly logical communication / neglect of the human aspects of things
Overly unemotional communication (e.g. lack of sympathy)
Overstating certainty -- pretending your opinion is an obvious or proven fact
Overstating your case
Poor behavior (e.g. passive aggressive comments)
Poor message framing
Poor sarcasm / being unfunny but offensive
Pretending to understand when you don't
Repeating yourself
Self-absorbed communication (not considering how others feel)
Staircase wit - a missed opportunity to say something you should have
Thought-terminating cliche - using truisms in place of thought
Tone of voice
Unintended insults and slights
Violating norms of civility
Wasting time / not getting to the point
Weasel words - claiming support from an anonymous authority e.g. "The science says"

Communication Failure

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