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Communication performance is the degree to which an individual or team communicates effectively. Elements of communication such as messaging, presentations, documents and relationship management are a common type of performance goal that is evaluated as part of performance reviews. The following are illustrative examples of performance review phrases for low, satisfactory and high communication performance.


High communication performance indicates that an individual communicates clearly, maintains professionalism, builds relationships, collaborates, influences and leads.
Delivered flawless and engaging presentations.
Influenced executive team to achieve $4.4 million budget for the ____ project.
Responded to messages and calls in a prompt and professional manner.
Supported junior team members to develop their skills and confidence.
Handled customer complaints in a calm and professional manner to turnaround dissatisfaction.
Presented to large audiences at key industry conferences to build support for ______.
Handled harsh criticism in a professional manner to win back the confidence of stakeholders after the ____ project failure.
Demonstrated genuine interest in solving customer problems to achieve high customer satisfaction of 98%.
A brilliant storyteller who builds empathy and engagement in an audience.
Simplifies the complex with effective visual presentations and reports.
Negotiated effectively to achieve average margins of 55%.
Networked at industry events to discover high value leads and competitive intelligence.


Standard communication performance indicates that an individual has communicated in a reasonably professional and effective way relative to the expectations of their role.
Attended all team meetings and offered input.
Client deliverables met the expected standard of quality.
Completed more than 70 compliance reports that were accepted by regulators.
Delivered a meeting agenda in advance of team meetings.
Delivered presentations for lunch and learn sessions to engage other teams.
Developed a detailed action plan for ____.
Establishes credibility and rapport with stakeholders.
Facilitated meetings to resolve issues in a productive manner.
Interviewed more than 50 candidates to successfully recruit 6 developers.
Listens to others and builds on ideas.
Responded to customer inquiries in a prompt and profession manner.


Low communication performance indicates issues such as communications or documents that are low quality, difficult to understand or that lack professionalism.
Criticized your team too harshly in meetings, work to frame your criticisms in a more constructive light.
Deliverables did not conform to the appropriate template.
Improve your professionalism in communication to customers by maintaining an appropriate level of formality and politeness.
Improve your response time to messages and missed calls.
Improve your tone and presence with customers to avoid being perceived as hostile and unfriendly.
Messages to customers did not meet the expected level of professionalism and diligence.
Received negative feedback from several customers regarding your responses to their inquires.
Reduce the use of jargon and obscure terms in presentations and communications to executives.
Showed effort and enthusiasm but failed to close deals with a win rate of less than 15%.
Speak up more in meetings to improve your visibility.
Take the time to review and proofread your proposals before they go to the client.
Team meetings lacked an agenda or meeting minutes.
Work to be more supportive and respectful in team meetings.
Work to communicate more positively with team members to build on ideas and support others.
Work to improve the grammar and spelling in your messages and documents.
Work to make your presentations more concise and structured to get a clear message across to your audience.
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