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30 Examples of Public Stakeholders

Public stakeholders are external people and organizations that have an interest in an organization, business, institution or government program or policy. This can include government agencies that have authority over you and others that can influence your results such as the media. Public stakeholders also include those that you impact such as communities or environmental organizations that have an interest in protecting the environment. The following are common examples of public stakeholders.
Advocacy groups
Banks and Investment firms
Business associations
Charitable organizations
Civic groups
Community leaders
Community-based organizations (CBOs)
Consumer advocacy groups
Consumer protection agencies
Customs officials
Elected officials
Environmental groups
Environmental protection agencies
Government agencies
Job seekers
Law enforcement agencies
Local authorities
Local communities
Media outlets
Media personalities
Neighbors of your facilities and operations
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
Regulatory bodies
Standards organizations
Tax authorities
Trade unions
Universities and schools
Volunteer organizations
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