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40 Types of Marketing Risk

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Marketing risk is the potential for losses and failures of marketing. This includes risks related to pricing, product development, promotion, distribution, branding, customer experience and sales. The following are common types of marketing risk.
Brand Dilution
Brand Endorsement Risks
Brand Equity Decline
Brand Identity Theft
Brand Reputation Damage
Channel Conflicts
Competitive Pressure
Compliance Issues
Concentration Risk
Counterfeiting Risk
Customer Churn
Customer Dissatisfaction
Customer Loyalty Decline
Customer Returns
Customer Service Issues
Declining Brand Recognition
Declining Demand
Disputes With Customers
Disputes With Partners
Distribution Failures
Excess Inventory Costs
Increased Customer Acquisition Cost
Increased Price Sensitivity
Loss of Customer Trust
Loss of Pricing Power
Margin Erosion
Market Disruptions
Market Saturation
Market Share Declines
Missed Sales Targets
Negative Brand Image
Negative Publicity
Price Wars
Product Launch Failures
Product Positioning Issues
Product Quality Issues
Sales Declines
Shifts in Consumer Behavior
Social Media Backlash
Supply Chain Disruptions

Brand Risk

Risks related to your brand recognition, brand image and general perceptions of your brand amongst customers. For example, a luxury brand that overextends into many product categories until consumers begin to perceive the brand as having low quality and diminished social status.

Pricing Risk

The risk of pricing issues such as increased price competition or decreased pricing power. This can relate to complex issues such as excess inventory that needs to be cleared at a low price that causes channel conflict.

Customer Risk

Risks related to customer satisfaction, customer experience and shifting customer behavior or perceptions. This can also include risks related to a single customer such as a large account.

Market Risk

Risks related to market conditions including competition, demand, market prices, regulations, costs and exchange rates.


Marketing risk is the potential for issues that prevent you from achieving marketing goals. This can relate to competition, customer behavior, market conditions, brand issues and your operations, sales and customer experience.


Risks related to marketing in areas such as brand, sales, pricing, distribution and customer experience.


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