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63 Examples of Decision Goals

A decision goal is an target outcome that is relevant to a decision. These can be brainstormed and prioritized as part of decision analysis and decision making. For example, a first time home buyer can list and prioritize goals such as affordability or convenient location in order to shape decision processes and choose between options. The following are illustrative examples of a decision goal.
Solve a problem
Get a promotion
Pay down debt
Increase customer satisfaction
Improve a business metric
Gain experience
Pursue adventure
Reduce risk
Prioritize health
Build relationships
Make friends
Quality time with family
Peace of mind
Master a talent
Increase revenue
Reduce costs
Build trust
Establish credibility
Optimize a process
Increase productivity
Reduce waste
Increase quality
Do what’s best for the customer
Grow as a person
Face fears
Pursue knowledge and discovery
Socialize more
Pursue an interest
Be fair
Be ethical
Prioritize happiness
More space
More convenience
More freedom
More free time
Simplify life
Take on more responsibilities
Become a person others rely upon
Become a person others look up to
Use time well
Learn a language
Acquire a skill
Pursue a career
Improve as a professional
Become a leader or manager
Build influence
Acquire formal authority
Pursue social status
Be more open
Be more cautious
Be more realistic
Be more pragmatic
Pursue religious, philosophical or spiritual things
Do good for people and planet
Do good for the people you love
Financial security
Achieve a particular lifestyle
Build others up
Overcome a bad habit
Establish a good habit
Fitness goals
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