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40 Examples of Media Consumption

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Media consumption is the process of accessing or viewing media including digital media, traditional media and published works.

Media Consumption

The relatively passive process of watching, reading or browsing media.
Watching television
Going to the movies
Reading social media
Streaming a television series
Listening to podcasts
Watching a documentary
Reading a book
Flipping through a magazine
Listening to the radio
Reading newspapers
Reading comics
Reading blogs
Watching videos
Listening to music
Looking at photographs
Watching sports
Browsing webpages

Media Participation

The active process of communicating, creating and engaging with media.
Posting to social media
Online debate and discussions
Live streaming
Direct messages
Sending emails
Socializing online
Posting to forums
Ratings and reviews
Playing video games
Exploring virtual reality
Immersive experiences
Being interviewed by media
Posting comments
Calling-in to a radio show
Collaborative work online
Posting creative work such as digital art
Performing or composing music
Attending virtual events
Views of media consumption change with time. This can be seen in attitudes towards old media such as books. Historically, reading fiction faced various types of scrutiny and criticism whereby it was viewed as escapism and disconnection from reality. Modern cultures tend to view reading as an intellectual pursuit that is more or less fully positive.
It is common for people to spend many hours each day consuming media such that it is a major element of lifestyle and the human experience.
There are massive generational differences in media consumption.
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