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21 Examples of Media Transparency

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Media transparency is the principle that journalists and media organizations openly disclose their process, sources, influences and relationships. This is a basis for credibility whereby authoritative media institutions act as trusted information infrastructure of a community or society. The following are examples of media transparency.
Disclosure of conflicts of interest.
Disclosure of ownership structure.
Disclosing influence of advertisers or advertising platforms.
Citing sources.
Giving credit and attribution to the origins of information.
Publishing editorial policies.
Publishing policies regarding fact checking.
Disclosing your process of story selection.
Adopting and publishing your standards for journalistic integrity.
Distinguishing between news and opinion.
Providing access to sources such as data or interview transcripts.
Disclosing your editorial process.
Accepting audience feedback.
Correcting errors and mistakes in an open way.
Clearly labeling advertising.
Disclosure of data collection.
Disclosure of data leaks and cybersecurity incidents.
Compliance to transparency and privacy regulations.
Transparency monitoring and audits.
Offering strong whistleblower protections.
Creating accountability for journalistic integrity.
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