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What are Consumer Services?

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Consumer services are services that are sold to individuals. Services are goods that derive much of their value from intangible elements that can't be touched such as an experience, outcome or process. The following are common types of consumer services.


Customer service intensive industries that receive guests such as hotels, restaurants, tours, flights and theme parks.


Transport services that aren't customer service intensive such as a train, taxi or street car.

Arts & Entertainment

Museums, films, theatre and other entertaining or culturally enriching experiences.


Technology services such as an internet connection or cloud-based software service.

Product as a Service

Things that were traditionally sold as a product that are sold as a value added service. For example, a bicycle service that provides a working bicycle to customers for a monthly fee so that customers need not worry about issues such as maintenance, replacement and repairs.


Media services such as a digital television network.


Interactive virtual environments.


Events such as music festival.

Event Services

Services for hosting an event such as a wedding.


Financial services such as a bank account.


Services that cover risks for consumers such as flood insurance.

Professional Services

Professional services such as tax preparation.


Services that provide goods such as an ecommerce site.


Services that provide basic resources such as electricity.

Health & Wellness

Healthcare such as a hospital and wellness related services such as a gym.

Education & Training

Education services such as a university or college.

Rents & Leasing

Rental of property and leasing of vehicles and equipment.

Agents & Brokers

Services that help consumers to complete commercial transactions such as buying or selling a property.

Construction & Repair

Services for building and fixing things such as a carpenter.

Personal Services

Services based on the labor of an individual such as a cleaning service or babysitting.
Overview: Consumer Services Definition
Services that are sold to individuals.
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