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40 Examples of Media Impact

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Media impact is the influence that media has on individuals, communities and society. This can include personal impacts such as lifestyle, commercial impacts such as product sales and political impacts such as public opinion. The following are common examples of media impact.
Informing the public
Spreading new ideas, concepts and theories
Agenda setting
Shaping public opinion
Creating awareness of news and current events
Influencing politics
Influencing culture
Influencing lifestyles
Creating demand for products and services
Creating brand recognition and awareness
Influencing consumer perceptions
Generating a fear of missing out
Promoting symbols of social status
Promoting positive or negative role models
Social awareness
Promoting of social issues
Promoting social movements and causes
Increasing political engagement
Generating political activism
Providing a venue for public discourse and debate
Creating political polarization
Environmental awareness
Global awareness
Risk awareness
Health awareness
Acting as a tool for education and learning
Cognitive impacts on individuals in areas such as attention span
Providing entertainment
Encouraging escapism
Reduction of stress with content such as humor or entertainment
Building literacy, digital literacy and scientific literacy
Increasing the adoption of technology
Driving trends in areas such as fashion
Generating pop culture
Media storytelling that influences language, culture and society
Reinforcing or challenging stereotypes
Reinforcing or challenging biases
Spreading or discrediting misinformation
Encouraging or discouraging a culture of fear
Communicating emergency information
As media potentially has a large impact on individuals, communities and society, there is need for media responsibility and accountability in areas such as journalistic standards and transparency.
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