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26 Examples of IT Asset Management

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IT Asset Management is the discipline of governing and controlling the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization and disposal of an organization's IT hardware and software assets. The following are basic examples of the processes involved.
An inventory of software licenses including how they are currently assigned.
A regular process of confirming that software licenses are still in use.
Analysis to determine if software licenses can be retired / discontinued.
Performing risk analysis on legacy systems and equipment to prioritize modernization efforts.
Modernization programs that replace old systems and hardware.
Tagging physical hardware with asset tracking tags.
Segregation of duties such as different people who are responsible for purchasing assets and confirming that they are actually in use.
Recording the serial numbers of hardware and assigning asset tracking numbers to all assets.
The process of disposing of hardware and software at end of life.
Inventory reporting that feeds into financial reporting of the assets of a firm.
Inventory of consumables such as printer ink.
Tracking consumption of consumables such as printer ink.
Detection and reporting of missing assets and consumables.
Providing help desk services related to assets such as requests for assets and requests to dispose of assets.
Compliance to regulations and standards such as financial reporting and internal control practices.
A regular process to confirm with employees the assets that are assigned to them to resolve any discrepancies.
Automated asset tracking whereby assets are discovered and tracked using networking technologies such as RFID.
Processes to control that assets are being used in compliance with policy. For example, tracking that assets that can't be removed from a location are at that location.
Planning the procurement of new assets.
Forecasting and estimating asset procurement needs.
Managing the maintenance and repair of assets.
Planning the lifecycle and retirement of assets.
Performing asset audits.
Reporting asset and software costs by business unit and cost center.
Reconciliation of asset tracking data with operational realities.
Identifying and potentially selling surplus and out-of-use assets.
Overview: IT Asset Management
The discipline of governing and controlling the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization and disposal of an organization's IT hardware and software assets.
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