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20 Examples of Crisis Management

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Crisis management is the process of identifying, containing and resolving a crisis that has occurred. This can be preplanned and therefore resembles risk management that is focused on managing risks when they occur as major issues. The following are common examples of crisis management practices.
Business Continuity Planning
Planning how to continue business operations in the event of disasters and other major adverse events.
Containment Strategy
A plan to limit the impact of a crisis.
Contingency Communication
Preplanning how communications will work in various crisis scenarios.
Contingency Planning
Preplanning what you will do in various crisis scenarios.
Crisis Communication
The process of coordinating crisis response and communicating to stakeholders such as employees, business units, investors, partners, media, governments and the public.
Crisis Prevention
Building resilience, standards and good practices into your business to avoid a crisis in the first place.
Crisis Recovery
Restoring normal business.
Crisis Resolution
Addressing the root cause of a crisis.
Crisis Team
Assembling a team to manage a crisis. This will include a leader who owns the crisis management effort.
Crisis Training
Training that prepares employees for possible crisis scenarios.
Damage Control
Stop-gap measures to mitigate the effects of a crisis.
Emergency Planning
Planning and preparing for emergencies e.g. storing emergency kits at office locations.
Incident Management
The process of resolving the symptoms of a problem.
Media Relations
Engaging the media during a crisis.
Problem Management
The process of resolving the root cause of a problem.
Rapid Response
Being prepared to detect and respond to a crisis quickly.
Recovery Strategy
A plan to address the root cause of a crisis.
Risk Assessment
Identifying and assessing risks before they occur.
Risk Management
The process of identifying, assessing, treating and monitoring risk.
Stakeholder Outreach
Engaging stakeholders during a crisis.

Risk Management

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