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40 Examples of Action Items

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Action items are lightweight tasks or goals that are assigned to a person for completion. They are typically time-bound and are tracked by a manager or project manager for completion. Various methods may be used to track action items such as meeting minutes, action plans and task lists associated with a team, working group or project. The following are illustrative examples of action items.
Research something
Perform an analysis
Deliver a presentation
Create a plan
Organize a meeting
Schedule an event
Contact a stakeholder
Draft a communication
Review a document
Apply edits to a document
Revise a document or communication
Proofread a document
Deliver training
Complete or attend training
Develop some code
Implement a plan
Monitor a process
Evaluate a proposal
Adjust a plan
Improve a process
Update stakeholders
Upgrade a system
Solve a problem
Test a change
Submit a change request
Document a requirement
Evaluate a plan
Measure business results
Forecast sales
Develop a budget
Purchase something
Negotiate a contract
Interview a job candidate
Track a shipment
Follow-up with a customer
Respond to a request
Resolve an issue
Develop a report
Document a decision
Submit a request
Action items are assigned in meetings, conversations and in communications such as emails. They are tracked with simple trackers with a description, assigned person, date assigned, target date and percent complete field.
Overview: Action Items
Lightweight tasks or goals that are assigned to a person for completion.
Coordinating work
Tracking work progress
Tracked With
Assigned person
Date assigned
Target date
Percent Complete
Lightweight process for coordinating work.
Common Pitfalls
Assigning major work such as projects as action items.
Assigning impossible tasks.
Failure to document or track action items.
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