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57 Examples of the Advertising Industry

The advertising industry is a series of business models based around paying to get a message to a target audience. This includes creative services that produce advertisements and advertising campaigns. The advertising industry also includes a variety of services, markets, platforms and technologies for buying, delivering and measuring ads. It should be noted that businesses that are funded by advertising such as newspapers aren't considered part of the advertising industry as this isn't how they create value but rather how they are monetized. The following are examples of the advertising industry.
Ad campaign planning and management
Ad copywriting
Ad design
Ad ethics
Ad exchanges
Ad management systems
Ad networks
Ad optimization
Ad personalization
Ad platforms
Ad production
Ad servers
Ad standards and regulations
Ad technology
Ad testing
Ad tracking and measurement
Advertising agencies
Affiliate marketing
Augmented reality advertising
Billboard rentals
Celebrity endorsement
Creative agencies
Digital advertising
Direct mail advertising
Display advertising
Email marketing
Event advertising
In-game advertising
Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing agencies
Interactive advertising
Media buying agencies
Mobile advertising
Mobile app advertising
Movie theater advertising
Native advertising
Outdoor advertising
Podcast advertising
Point-of-sale advertising
Print advertising
Product placement
Public relations agencies
Radio advertising
Referral marketing
SMS marketing
Search advertising
Social media marketing
Sponsored content
Sponsorship marketing
TV advertising
Trade show advertising
Video advertising
Virtual reality advertising
Overview: Advertising Industry
A series of business models based around paying to get a message to a target audience.
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