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16 Examples of Resume Objectives

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Resume objectives are a brief statement at the top of a resume that frames who you are and what role you are seeking. These are typically customized for every application. Resume objectives are traditionally used to help pass an initial check whereby employers validate a resume matches with a position. The following are illustrative examples of resume objectives.


Flexible, hardworking and reliable student seeking a summer job in the ____ area.

Entry Level

Reliable and hardworking individual seeking an entry-level position in the waste management industry.


Recent computer science graduate with a strong foundation in machine learning and data science seeking an entry-level machine learning role.

Career Change

Experienced software developer with extended experience as a sales engineer seeking to transition to a sales role.


Stay-at-home parent returning to the workforce seeking a real estate sales role to leverage my 10 years of experience in the real estate industry.


Veteran transitioning to civilian work seeking a challenging role in logistics to utilize my experience in planning and coordinating operations.

Working Abroad

American living in Paris with a spousal working visa and fluent French seeking an IT role to utilize my computer science degree and 10 years of IT experience.

Service Industry

Experienced and energetic waiter with a passion for customer service seeking a position in the Dallas area.


Friendly and approachable retail associate with a track record of exceeding sales targets seeking a challenging role in the fashion industry.


Marketing analyst with strong data science skills and proven ability to deliver actionable insights seeking a market research role in the consumer products industry.


Accomplished sales professional with a track record of exceeding targets seeking a consultative selling role in the data services industry.


Experienced IT professional seeking a managerial role to lead operations teams and drive operational efficiency.


Organized and diligent professional with stellar people skills seeking an administrative assistant role in a fast-paced office environment.


Detail-oriented carpenter with a reputation for quality work including structural and finished carpentry seeking a role where I can leverage my knowledge of building codes and rapport with customers.


Artist looking to transition into a visual design position to utilize my creativity and illustration skills.


Experienced administrator with a passion for volunteering and community service seeking a role in the nonprofit sector to make a meaningful impact.

Main Points

Resume objectives are a pitch that is designed to be short and to the point.
Avoid cliches or any words that get overused in resumes.
State the main reasons the employer should hire you in areas such as experience, talent, skills, qualifications, education and character traits.
Demonstrate enthusiasm for the role and that your resume has been targeted to the role.
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