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87 Examples of Workplace Goals

Workplace goals are plans to achieve things at work. These include measurable goals, such as smart goals, that are set with your manager for the purposes of performance management. Alternatively, workplace goals can be targets that you establish yourself for improving in your role, profession and career. The following are common examples of workplace goals.
Achieve compliance
Acquire more customers
Act on customer feedback to improve the customer experience
Automate work to improve efficiency
Build and extend customer relationships
Build business relationships
Close sales
Complete training
Conduct market or competitive research
Deliver business analysis
Deliver customer analysis
Deliver helpful customer support
Deliver presentations and public speaking engagements
Deliver product education for customers
Deliver projects on time and budget
Develop and use knowledge
Develop industry partnerships
Develop new skills
Develop products and services
Develop strategic partnerships
Do good for people and planet
Enter new markets
Expand distribution channels
Expand international sales
Expand online presence
Expand product offerings
Gain budget approvals
Gain leadership experience
Gain management experience
Grow customer base
Grow customer referrals
Handle customer complaints to turnaround satisfaction
Implement productivity tools
Implement quality controls
Improve customer experience
Improve decision-making processes
Improve design work
Improve employee morale
Improve estimate and forecast accuracy
Improve financial performance
Improve marketing effectiveness
Improve product quality
Improve strategy and decision making
Improve team culture
Improve the customer experience
Improve vendor relationships
Improve work quality
Increase brand loyalty
Increase brand recognition and awareness
Increase conversion rates
Increase cross-functional cooperation and communication
Increase customer advocacy
Increase customer engagement
Increase customer lifetime value
Increase customer loyalty
Increase customer retention
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase efficiency of inventory management
Increase employee retention
Increase employee satisfaction
Increase market share
Increase operational efficiency
Increase profit margins
Increase revenue
Increase sales win rate
Increase team or personal productivity
Increase work throughput
Increase workplace safety
Increase your organizational visibility
Launch new products
Manage risk
Master a talent
Measure and report results
Optimize business processes
Pursue a career change
Recruit new talent
Reduce costs
Reduce customer service response times
Reduce employee turnover
Reduce time to market
Reinvent business processes
Retain top talent
Solve specific business problems
Streamline business processes
Upsell and cross-sell
Use technology to increase efficiency
Work more closely with other teams and business units

Employee Performance Management

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