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70 Examples Of Performance Objectives

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Performance objectives are targets that you plan to achieve in a role. This includes end-goals such as revenue and meaningful steps towards these goals such as launching a product. The following are common examples of performance and business objectives.

Performance Objectives

The performance of employees is typically managed by setting objectives for a period of time and then evaluating the employee against these objectives. The following are illustrative examples.
Increase revenue by 1.4 million per quarter.
Increase sales by 9% over last month.
Increase sales to 50 units a month.
Increase sales margins by 10%.
Increase monthly recurring revenue to $4.4 million.
Improve customer satisfaction by 10%.
Reduce turnaround time for billing inquiries to less than 3 hours.
Deliver assigned work for the ___ project to requirements and schedule.
Deliver the ___ project to schedule and budget.
Manage relationship with [customer name] to prevent loss of the account.
Reduce customer turnover by 7%.
Recover 10% of customers who request account cancellation by offering special promotions.
Manage customer complaints to turnaround satisfaction. Measure: customer attrition rate of less than 7% for my accounts.
Attend at least 3 industry conferences.
Engage developers by speaking at 2-5 industry events.
Launch a new product by March.
Achieve 30% market share by September.
Achieve 1.7 million sales volumes for new products in 2037.
Improve conversion rate to 9%.
Launch a sales campaign to boost September revenue above $24 million.
Improve inventory turnover rate to 7 days.
Increase brand recognition to 98% of target market.
Increase top of mind brand recognition to 40%.
Deliver code for the ____ project with less than 1 defect per 1000 lines of code.
Resolve production incidents with a mean time to repair of less than 3 hours.
Address the root cause of production problems to reduce recurring incidents. Target: 10% reduction in incidents per month.
Improve public speaking skills by giving at least 3 presentations next quarter.
Reduce billing errors by 50% to less than 1 per million bills.
Improve response time by 33%.
Reduce security incidents by 50%.
Reduce cost of quality by $40,000 a month.
Reduce production defects by 40%.
Reduce energy consumption by 9% at the ___ data center.
Reduce order fulfillment time to less than 1.5 hours.
Reduce customer acquisition cost to under $50.
Diversify our supply chain to have at least two suppliers for our 50 most important components.
Increase productivity to 1000 lines of code a week.
Increase win rate to 55% of proposals.
Expand to 50 locations by September.
Streamline the billing process to generate all bills within 48 hours of month close.
These are in SMART format meaning they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound. The timebound part is left off because this is repetitive and simply involves giving a date.
An objective can be measurable as true / false whereby you can measure that something has been completed.

Business Objectives

Business objectives include the end-goals of a business such as revenue and related goals such as customer satisfaction. The following are the common types of business objectives without specific targets.
Grow revenue
Increase gross margins
Reduce overhead cost
Reduce unit cost
Expand market share
Diversify revenue
Increase customer satisfaction
Decrease customer churn
Increase customer loyalty
Decrease customer acquisition cost
Increase production output
Streamline processes
Increase productivity
Reduce employee turnover
Increase employee performance
Increase operational performance
Solve operational problems
Increase quality
Decrease turnaround times
Increase inventory turnover rate
Launch new products
Decrease time to market
Achieve higher brand recognition and awareness
Overcome a competitive disadvantage
Establish a competitive advantage
Enter new markets
Exit failing businesses and strategies
Comply with regulations
Build a positive reputation
Manage risk and clear business issues


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