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Quality objectives are measurable targets for the quality of products, services, experiences and internal processes. Quality standards view this in terms of mere conformance quality whereby quality means that you conform to a specification. Modern quality practices go beyond this to look at perceived quality such as customer satisfaction or product reviews. The following are illustrative examples of a quality objective.
Increase customer satisfaction to 87%.
Reduce customer complaints by 30%.
Reduce billing errors by 80% to to 3 per million bills.
Reduce 1st year warrantee claims by 90%.
Reduce product failures to less than 0.5% per year in the first five years of operation.
Reduce defects by 10%.
Increase uptime to 99.95%.
Reduce rework and rejections to less than 0.5%.
Improve perceptions of product quality by 40% with a new design.
Reduce customer wait time by 30%.
Increase perceived usability by 15%.
Increase positive reviews by 50%.
Reduce negative viewed by 50%.
Increase average review to 4.1 or higher on the ____ ecommerce platform.
Reduce order errors by 50% to 2 errors per million orders.
Increase on-time performance to 99.5%.
Reduce system crashes to 1 per million hours of operation.
Increase internal kitchen inspection score to 95% or higher.
Achieve 100% compliance to health regulations across all locations.
Achieve 0 complaints related to allergens in food.
Increase return customer rate to 30% of visits.
Achieve and sustain _____ product certification.
Decrease battery charge time by 70%.
Increase battery life by 140%.
Improve service quality rating to 4.7 out of 5.
Improve drop test results to 99.6% of units with zero visible or functional damage.
Improve stress test results to 100% of units withstanding stresses equivalent to 3 years of use.
Increase customer loyalty score to 9.
Maintain availability of 99.99%.
Achieve a dispatch reliability of 98% (relates to flights that depart on time).
Improve quality assurance monitoring score to 85%.
Improve first call resolution rate to 90%.
Reduce mean-time-to-repair to 3 hours or less for severity 1 and 2 incidents.
Reduce management escalation rate to 0.5% of customer interactions.
Reduce customer returns by 50%.
Improve adherence to schedule to 70%.
Streamline billing process to reduce monthly bill generation time to 24 hours or less.
Improve perceived helpfulness of service to 4 out of 5.
Increase positive mentions by 200%.
Improve customer response time to 2 hours or less. (applies to responding to requests in social media)
Reduce defect rate to 0.1%.
Increase first-time right rate to 99.9%.
Increase process compliance rate to 100%.
Improve non-conformance cost below $1 million a month.
Reduce the cost of quality to $4 per unit.
Conformance quality is important for manufacturing but doesn't necessarily mean that customers will be satisfied with real world quality in areas such as design quality, service culture and experience quality.


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