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Objectives are targets that are immediately actionable. This can be compared with end-goals that may be more of a long term plan that's not fully actionable now. The following are common types of objectives including business, performance and personal objectives.

Business Objectives

Business objectives are included in strategy plans, business cases, project plans and performance targets. The following are the most common types of business objectives.
Cost reduction
Market share
Growth such as new locations
Competitive positioning such as product positioning
Customer satisfaction
Customer experience
Customer loyalty and retention
Quality improvement
Process improvement
Employee productivity and performance
Competitive advantage
Increasing outputs such as production volumes
Reducing waste
Using resources and capital more efficiently
Operational excellence such as fast response times
Business resilience such as information security
Reputation and social status such as brand recognition
Business optimization such as conversion rates
Risk management and risk mitigation
Solving business problems
Solving customer problems
Culture such as service culture

Performance Objectives

Performance objectives are business objectives that are actionable by an individual. It is common for businesses to map overall business objectives to teams and contributors and to evaluate performance against these objectives. The following are illustrative examples of performance objectives.
Close sales
Automate work
Implement processes and procedures
Streamline processes
Resolve incidents
Fix problems
Build, sustain and manage relationships
Deliver projects
Deliver processes
Develop knowledge
Make decisions
Create designs
Deliver analysis
Do work
Engage and help customers
Deliver services
Optimize processes
Deliver communications
Pitch ideas and promote efforts
Document requirements
Lead change
Clear issues
Manage change such as projects
Manage practices
Measure and report
Deliver code and technical tasks
Complete processes

Personal Objectives

It is also common for people to set objectives for themselves which are targets to achieve something in areas such as career, school, family, lifestyle, social life, hobbies, travel, adventure or creative pursuits. The following are common types of personal objectives.
Studying and academic achievements
Fitness objectives
Dietary habits and food
Saving and investing
Buying a home
Travel and epic experiences
Work performance
Work visibility
Social status such as followers
Social experiences and relationships
Pursuit of hobbies
Diy projects
Pursuit of sports and recreation
Lifestyle objectives such as quality time with family
Creative expression
Life changes such as career change
Establishing or discontinuing habits
Starting a business
Personal productivity – getting things done
Mastering a talent
Making a decision
Participation in culture and community
Researching things

Objectives vs Goals

Objectives are actionable targets that you can achieve in the near term. End-goals are more long term things that may involve achieving hundreds of objectives. For example, an objective for a jazz performer may be to give a brilliant performance where an end-goal could be to get a recording contract.

Objectives vs Outcomes

Objectives can also be compared to outcomes that are real world results that are beyond your full control. Where a jazz performer has an objective to give a brilliant performance, an outcome is the reaction of the audience.

SMART Objectives

Objectives are typically designed to be SMART meaning that they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. All SMART goals are really objectives because they are immediately actionable by definition.


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