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Employee objectives are targets for employee performance in a period of time. These are typically designed to be SMART or specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. The tricky part of this is finding a measurement for each of your targets. The following is an extensive list of the basic types of employee objectives with standard measurements for each.
Customer service
Customer satisfaction
Customer loyalty
Customer retention
Customer surveys
First contact resolution
Turnaround time
Close sales
Win rate
Deal margins
Automate work
Cost reduction
Efficiency rate
Turnaround time
Manage projects
Schedule variance
Budget variance
Stakeholder feedback
Project outcomes
Deliver projects
Stakeholder feedback
Meeting deadlines
Achieving requirements
Daily work and action items
Meeting deadlines
Achieving goals
Manage products
Revenue growth
Market share
Customer satisfaction
Ratings & reviews
Manage brands
Revenue growth
Market share
Brand recognition
Brand awareness
Brand image
Revenue growth
Gross margins
Conversion rate
Market penetration
Market share
Customer acquisition cost
Customer lifetime value
Manage operations
Production volumes
Uptime & reliability
Defect rates
Productivity rates
On-time delivery
Manage inventory
Inventory turnover
Stock-out rate
Carrying costs
Deliver administrative processes
Error rate
Cost per item
Cost per customer
Cost per employee
Cost per user
Compliance rate
Team management
Productivity rate
Error rates
Incidents rate
Response time
Stakeholder feedback
Goal achievement
Risk management
Risk exposure
Cost of risk
Problem solving
Response time
Time to resolve
Problems closed
Problems reopened
Quality assurance
Customer complaints
Customer satisfaction
Ratings & reviews
Compliance rate
Defect density
Cost of quality
Strategy, planning & decision making
Revenue growth
Cost reduction
Return on investment
Operational efficiency
Technically speaking, anything that can be marked as true/false such as completed/not-completed is measurable. However, people tend to feel that measurable targets need to have a number.
Throughput is the number of work items, deliverables or units you produce in a unit of time such as a day or month.

Employee Objectives

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