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26 Examples of Service Positioning

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Service positioning is the unique identity of a service in a competitive market. A valuable position serves customer needs and stands out from the competition in a way that has meaning to customers. The following are illustrative examples of service positioning.


Making things easy for the customer. For example, the delivery service that keeps trying to deliver until they find that you're home.


Unique capabilities such as the consulting service that offers rare and in-demand skills.

Functions & Features

Allowing customers to accomplish goals in a way that competitors can't match. For example, the airline with the most direct flights to Asian cities from Germany.

Customer Service

More friendly and diligent customer service such as the telecom company that is pleasing to do business with.


Offering more choice such as the streaming media service with the most content.


A quality-based service position such as the media service with the best original content.


A good price relative to everything the service offers. For example, the insurance coverage that always has the lowest price.


A reliable service such as the airline that is always on time.


A safe service such as the airline with the best safety record that always puts safety first in everything they do.


Performance such as the fastest delivery service.


Services that satisfy the customer needs of a particular demographic such as a family friendly hotel that offers special rooms for families with young children.


Tailoring the service to the customer such as the luxury hotel that goes out of its way to configure rooms and services to customer preferences.


Positioning related to taste, smell, touch, sound and visual appeal. For example, the restaurant with the best tasting ice cream.


The most usable service such as the car navigation system that works as customers expect.


A service that is the real thing. For example, the most authentic sushi in Austin Texas.

Customer Experience

An overall experience such as a happy theme park.

Peak Experiences

A service that offers peak experiences that feel like an accomplishment such as the travel service that offers adventure and personal enrichment.


Offering the customer direct or indirect rewards. For example, a professional certification service that tends to boost an employee's long term salary.


A service with a unique reputation on the market such as an investment bank with a track record of successful IPOs.


A unique position based on the history of your firm such as a bank that is hundreds of years old that positions itself as time-tested, established and reliable.


Positioning a service as having superior knowledge such as an investment advisor who is well connected.


Social status such as a night club in where you're likely to run into celebrities.


Values such as the insurance company that cares about people with special services to help clients who experience losses.


A service that appreciates the customer's business. For example, the bar that remembers your name and favorite beverage.


A service that exemplifies a culture or subculture. For example, the restaurant chain that feels like Texas.


A service that exemplifies a lifestyle such as a restaurant that offers a slow food experience.
Overview: Service Positioning
The unique identity of a service in a competitive market.
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