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50 Examples of Service Value

Service value is the worth of a service to customers. This includes the outcomes and experiences that the service delivers to the customer. Service value can be conceptualized as a balance sheet with negative and positive sides. On the negative side, issues, bad experiences, errors, poor usability, costs, constraints and other factors can reduce the value of the service to the customer. The following are illustrative examples of service value.
Customer needs the service addresses
Customer outcomes related to service
Service locations
Tailoring to customer needs and preferences
Service functions and features are useful
Lack of distracting or low value features
Reliability such as uptime
Customization options
Expertise and professionalism
Service meets its commitments
Fair and predictable pricing
Service stability
Ease of use
Helpful customer support
Customer service talent
Productivity that the customer realizes from service
Response times
Service performance
Accuracy and precision
Diligence and attention to detail
Freedoms such as things you’re allowed to do with the service
Fair terms
Safety, security and cybersecurity
Friendliness and empathy
Social environment and connectedness
Social status associated with the service
Access to knowledge, information and timely data
Service meets customer expectations
Quality of service tangibles such as the food at a restaurant
Decor and ambiance of service environments
Customer experience
Emotional experience
Epic experience
Risk and risk reduction related to the service
Easy to learn
Easy to maintain
Easy to cancel if necessary
Availability on customer preferred channels and platforms
Ease of integration
Standards compliance
Social impact
Environmental impact
Epic experience is the sense that an experience is deeply meaningful or compelling. For example, an art museum that a visitor views as offering access to priceless works of great value to humanity.
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