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47 Examples of Service Strategy

A service strategy is a plan to achieve the goals and objectives of a service. For example, if you have a goal to improve revenue you may develop strategies that improve your service experience to attract new customers and slow customer churn. The following are additional examples of a service strategy.
Meeting customer needs with new functions and features.
Addressing new target markets with additional or optional features.
Removing unpopular features.
Streamlining service offerings to clarify your value proposition.
Restructuring services to target customers more effectively.
Expanding service offerings.
Modernizing services to keep pace with technological and social change.
Addressing customer pain points with services.
Improving service usability.
Increasing customer engagement.
Improving service performance.
Reducing turnaround time for customer requests.
Personalized customer support.
Making services more comfortable and convenient.
Customer advocacy - using customer feedback to improve services.
Improving the customer experience with higher levels of professionalism.
Improving your service culture.
Offering premium versions of services.
Flat pricing that reduces risk for the customer.
Flexible pricing options.
Fair terms that are attractive to customers.
Loyalty program rewards and perks.
Eliminating service errors.
Eliminating latent human error.
Improving invoicing, billing and account management features.
Building, sustaining and leveraging customer relationships to improve customer lifetime value.
Personalize the service based on what you know about the customer.
Allow customers to customize the service themselves.
Provide service choices and options.
Increasing service reliability.
Offering 24/7 customer support.
Multi-channel customer support.
Self-service support and tools for customers.
Reducing service incidents.
Adding information security features and reducing information security incidents.
Brand strategy for services such as increasing brand recognition.
Increasing service capacity.
Introducing high touch services.
Providing service training, consulting and support services.
Productivity features that allow customers to create more value.
Offering managed services that reduce total cost of ownership.
Increasing market share with promotion and pricing campaigns.
Generating sales with customer referrals.
Expanding service locations and geographical coverage.
Making the service more compatible with other products and services.
Offering the service on new platforms, channels and devices.
Entering new markets.
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