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19 Examples of Operations Analysis

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Operations analysis is the practice of investigating the core revenue generating processes of an organization with an aim to making improvements. As there are often great gains to be made in optimizing core processes, operations analysis is a well understood field that includes a variety of techniques as follows.

Process Improvement

Measuring and optimizing the efficiency and quality of processes to eliminate waste, bottlenecks and errors.

Quality Management

Ensuring that products, services and processes are high quality.

Supply Chain Optimization

Measurement and optimization of the end-to-end supply chain including procurement, logistics, receiving, warehousing, shipping and distribution.

Capacity Planning

Forecasting and planning to meet future production and service capacity demand.

Inventory Management

Optimization of inventory to meet demand while controlling cost.

Manufacturing Analysis

Process improvement and other analysis such as capacity planning for manufacturing.

Cost Analysis

Cost estimates, cost-benefit analysis, return on investment, cost variance, activity-based costing and other cost related measurements.

Root Cause Analysis

Determining the root cause of incidents, issues and performance shortfalls.

Performance Metrics

Calculating and reporting operations metrics.

Workforce Planning

Analysis of competencies, productivity and resource needs.

Asset Utilization

Measuring how efficiently an organization uses its physical, financial and intangible assets.

Risk Management

Identifying and planning to manage operational risks.

Operations Projects

Requirements analysis and other support for operations projects.

Gap Analysis

Analysis of the current state of processes, practices and systems to identify improvements.

Process Re-engineering

Going beyond optimization to rethink and restructure processes.

Customer Service Analysis

Analysis of customer service related operations such as call centers.

Supplier Performance

Selecting, monitoring and evaluating partners, vendors and suppliers.

Sales and Operations Planning

Forecasting sales and using this to plan operations such as production volumes.

Environmental Impact Analysis

Evaluating the environmental impact of your operations such as waste and emissions.
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