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45 Examples of Service Operations

Service operations is the end-to-end process of planning and delivering services. Any repeatable process and practice related to your services can be considered service operations. This has different scope depending on what services you offer but can include large areas such as customer service and customer support. The following are common examples of service operations.
Customer service
Customer support
Service strategy
Service design
Service development
Service delivery
Service quality
Service metrics and KPIs
Service optimization
Service management
Service recovery
Customer feedback
Customer advocacy
Service partnerships
Customer experience
Service reliability
Service continuity
Service compliance
Customer communications
Complaint management
Service inquiries and information
Customer relationship management
Personalized support
Service goal planning
Service culture
Customer success
Customer analysis
Service analysis
Customer engagement
Customer loyalty programs
Self-service technology
Customer service technology
Customer service and support training
Customer service and support knowledge bases
Customer onboarding
Service desk
Managing service requests
Incident management
Problem management
Customer surveys
Service planning
Quality assurance for services
Service quality control and testing
Customer experience sampling
Process improvement
In some cases, service operations owns all customer facing processes including service and support. This touches on areas such as quality assurance and solving customer problems with incident and problem management.
In many cases, service operations provides the technology, quality assurance, monitoring, measurement and reporting for customer service and customer support without managing these teams.
In practice, service operations is an expansive term that differs in scope by industry and firm.
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Customer Advocacy
Customer Experience
Customer Service
Quality Assurance
Quality Control
Service Culture
Service Delivery
Service Design
Service Management
Service Operations
Service Planning
Service Support
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