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36 Examples of Service Experience

 , January 09, 2023
Service experience is the end-to-end experience of purchasing and using a service from the perspective of the customer. This is customer experience as it applies to services including digital services, retail environments, hospitality, travel and other services such as theme parks. Service experience is an expansive concept that includes any customer perception of your service and any interaction between your service and the customer. The following illustrative examples.
The usability of a date selection box on a travel booking site., The taste of food at a restaurant., The consistency of food at a restaurant from one day to the next., A flight attendant who has a friendly and calm personal presence., Banking customer service that patiently takes time to explain to a novice user how to set up a bill payment., How an ecommerce site responds when you report a problem with an order., The turnaround time of an ecommerce site when you ask how a discount works., An airline that is informative and candid when it informs customers that a departure will be delayed., An airline that gives you points to apologize for a late bag., A streaming media service that is fast_,_ stable and reliable., A voice assistant that often understands what you say., A waiter who is attentive without being overly intrusive., A mobile app that pops up offers that interrupt your flow., A mobile game that insists that you page through all the news that you have missed since you last opened the app., A website that often pops up tips about how to use the site., The general ambiance of a hotel lobby., A loyalty program that is easy to join that provides direct discounts such that it is immediately rewarding., The social atmosphere of a night club., A dentist with a professional_,_ patient and friendly demeanor., A retail environment where staff have personal conversations as they largely ignore customers in a busy store., A fashion retail location where staff have attitude such they are unkind to customers they perceive as unfashionable., A bus driver who is diligent such that they drive reasonably safely., A waiter who remembers your regular drink order., An operating system with a large number of intuitive configuration options that give you control of your devices., A streaming media service that asks you to rate things but doesn't reveal ratings in return., A hotel with an assortment of luxurious pillows in every room., A department store with spotlessly clean restrooms., An ecommerce site that is often out of stock of regularly purchased items such that customers begin to find the site inconvenient., A hardware store that always keeps a stock of construction essentials such as 2x4s that professional contractors regularly need to buy., A cafe with unusually comfortable and unique furnishings., A cafe with much legacy and feel because it has been open continuously since 1922., An internet provider with clear bills that are easy to understand and never inaccurate., A snowboard shop with staff who are helpful and unusually knowledgeable about the sport and the equipment they are selling., A bowling alley that plays lively music with neon lighting on Friday nights., Software that is bloated with hotkeys and gestures that users often trigger unintentionally.
The visual branding of a coworking space that feels hardy, industrial and solid.
Overview: Service Experience Examples
The end-to-end experience of purchasing and using a service from the perspective of the customer.
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