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Customer Experience
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Customer Experience

55 Examples of Customer Interactions

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Customer interactions are any interaction between your brand and the customer. This includes media experiences such as the process of becoming aware of a brand. It also includes the process of visiting environments, ordering, unboxing and using products and services. The following are examples of customer interactions.
Window shopping
Gifts a product to someone
Checks your products or services on third party ecommerce
Checks product ratings
Checks monthly statement
Closes account or cancels service
Compares to competing products
Complains in social media
Contacts customer service / Submits inquiry
Creates media about your brand, product or service
Customizes a product
Delivery experience e.g. late delivery
Exits shop or ecommerce without purchase
Experiences product e.g. drinks a beverage
Experiences service e.g. dines at restaurant
Gets a discount
Gets a product sample
Impressions of environments such as a hotel lobby
Impressions of quality
Impressions of service e.g. unfriendly
Joins loyalty program
Look & feel of products
Media - bad publicity
Media - good publicity
Media - influencers mention brand
Moment of truth e.g. tries product
Negotiates a price
Personalized service
Problems with product or service
Problem with your website or mobile app
Customer uses product
Provides feedback
Puts item in shopping cart or wish list
Read reviews
Reads product support information
Redeems loyalty rewards
Returns a product
Receives refund
Sees logo or brand symbols and begins to recognize brand
Service interactions
Service outages
Social experiences involving brand e.g. sees someone wearing your brand
Develops perceptions of the social status and position of your brand
Submits an order
Talks to sales
Uses a coupon
Views an ad
Visits retail location
Visits showroom
Visits your booth at an event
Visits website
Watches a how-to video related to your products
Word of mouth
Writes a review
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