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82 Examples of Life Accomplishments

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Life accomplishments are things that you have done that are admirable or that give you a sense of pride in yourself. This can include achieving a goal, overcoming a problem and developing as a person. Life accomplishments can be personal, professional or academic and can include external recognition such as an award or situations where you feel that you did well in life. The following are illustrative examples of life accomplishments.
Academic awards
Accomplishments in a hobby
Acts of compassion and kindness
Advocating for oneself
Becoming physically fit
Building credibility in your profession
Building wealth
Buying a home
Buying a vacation home
Caregiving for a family member
Caring for a pet
Community participation
Creative projects
Cultivating self-confidence
Cultural participation
DIY projects
Deeply meaningful experiences
Demonstrating maturity
Developing as a person
Earning a scholarship
Earning income
Establishing a profession
Extracurricular activities
Getting a job
Graduating from college
Graduating from high school
Helping someone in need
Improving your character
Improving your health
Improving your performance in a sport
Joining a sports team
Leadership accomplishments
Leading projects
Learning a language
Learning an instrument
Learning from mistakes
Learning to cook
Learning to swim
Living up to your own morals and ethics
Making and sustaining friendships
Managing teams
Marriage & partnerships
Mastering a martial art
Mastering a talent
Mentoring someone
Nature experiences such as climbing a mountain
Organizing events
Overcoming a fear
Overcoming adversity
Overcoming an illness or injury
Paying off loans
Performances such as dance
Performing in a play
Political participation such as protests
Promotions at work
Public speaking
Publishing a book
Publishing research
Pursuing a passion such as a hobby
Quitting a bad habit
Raising children
Raising funds for a charity
Saving money
Service projects
Solving a problem
Spiritual accomplishments and development
Sports accomplishments
Sports awards such as most valuable player
Starting a business
Sticking to a study plan
Strategic wins in your business
Supporting family
Taking significant steps towards a major goal
Transforming your lifestyle
Travel experiences
Turning a setback into an opportunity
Winning academic competitions
Winning sports competitions
Work accomplishments
Work milestones such as 10 years in a job


Life accomplishments are mostly positive things that are difficult to accomplish because they require bravery, discipline, character or hard work.


The following are common types of life accomplishment.
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