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75 Examples of Professional Accomplishments

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Professional accomplishments are admirable or high value things that you have achieved in your work. This includes producing business outcomes such as revenue, cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Professional accomplishments can also be demonstrated in terms of promotions, awards and positive feedback you have received. In some cases, accomplishments can involve things that aren't noticed or awarded that nonetheless generated much value or solved big problems for your team. The following are common examples of professional accomplishments.
Achieving compliance
Acquiring skills
Advocating for customers
Automating processes
Awards & recognition
Being an agent of change
Building competitive advantages
Business retrenchments
Business strategies you originated and implemented
Business tests & experiments
Business turnarounds
Changes you championed
Closing sales
Customer satisfaction wins
Decreasing rework
Delivering important analysis
Delivering projects
Delivering training
Developing relationships
Developing talents
Doing good
Growing market share
Impressing important clients
Improving customer outcomes
Improving decisions
Improving efficiency
Improving key relationships
Improving product review scores
Improving products
Improving quality
Improving safety
Improving security
Improving the customer experience
Increasing brand recognition
Increasing productivity
Increasing revenue
Influencing leadership
Innovations you launched
Launching products
Leading teams
Media coverage you generated
Meeting difficult deadlines
Negotiation outcomes
Optimizations you discovered
Originating business change
Planning events
Positive feedback from customers
Positive feedback from executives
Positive feedback from project stakeholders
Professional certifications
Prototypes you developed
Public speaking
Recovering from a business crisis
Recovering from failure
Reducing costs
Reducing errors
Reinventing a business
Research publications
Resolving conflict
Saving time
Service excellence
Solving business problems
Sponsoring successful change
Strategic wins
Supporting executives
Supporting your team
Systems you developed
Taking accountability
Transforming a brand
Transforming team culture
Turning around customer dissatisfaction
Valuable inventions
Work throughput


Professional accomplishments are significant contributions you have made to your field or organization. These can be admirable things that you have achieved or specific examples of how you have created value and progressed in your profession.


The following are common types of professional accomplishment.
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