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What is an Active Customer?

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An active customer is a person or organization that has made a purchase from you within a calendar year or trailing 365 day period.

Marketing Metric

The total number of active customers at a point in time is a commonly tracked marketing metric in many industries.


It is possible to define active customers using a shorter period of time such as a half year, quarter or month. This may be useful in industries such as fast moving consumer goods where frequent purchases are expected.


Active customers isn't a particularly useful metric when you have monthly recurring revenue such as subscribers. In this case, subscriber count is more useful as it is difficult to say that someone who just canceled their contract is an "active customer."

Similar Measures

Active customer is specific to commercial transactions and doesn't count other interactions such as visits. It should not be confused with active users or brand engagement.
Overview: Active Customer
A customer who has made a purchase within a calendar year or trailing 365 day period.
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