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Distribution Channels

Distribution Strategy

39 Examples of Distribution Strategy

Distribution strategy is a plan to reach customers to sell to them and to deliver your products and services. This is an element of marketing strategy that also has the operational and logistics component of getting your products to customers.


A plan to reach customers through various distribution channels. This is often a hybrid strategy whereby you use multiple channels.
Digital platforms
Direct sales
Personal sales
Sales partners

Channel Strategy

Your overall plan to use channels to achieve objectives.
Target markets
Channel pricing
Preventing channel conflict
Managing channel partners
Channel coverage
Channel relationships
Channel management
Channel integration
Marketing support for channels
Channel coverage is the extent of distribution in a channel.
Channel conflict is where channels start competing with each other in some negative way. For example, an ecommerce partner who undercuts your retail promotions by aggressively discounting and advertising.

Market Coverage

The level of distribution for each product or service.
Intensive distribution - making products available in as many places as possible
Selective distribution - making products available in select channels in order to defend your brand and provide a specific customer experience
Exclusive distribution - making the product or service available in one place for an area
Multi-channel distribution - using multiple channels such as a brand that sells only from its own stores, website and app
Direct distribution - distributing without intermediaries in order to control the customer experience
Indirect distribution - distributing completely through intermediaries in order to achieve sales without major investments

Distribution Strategy

Other parts of your distribution strategy beyond channels and coverage.
Logistics and transportation
Exports and customs
Geographical channel coverage
Reverse logistics such as returns
Customer service and support
Regulatory compliance such as labeling requirements in other countries
Adapting distribution for different cultures
Competitive positioning in each channel and market
Inventory management such as avoiding stockouts in a channel
Measuring performance of partners
Managing partners
Measuring overall distribution with KPIs
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Distribution Strategy
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