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46 Examples of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is marketing that leverages information technology. This can include digital business models, promotion, advertising, distribution, pricing and sales. The following are illustrative examples of digital marketing.
Digital advertising
Mobile advertising
Search advertising
Streaming media advertising
Shopping ads
Paid product listings
In-game advertising
Social media marketing
Social listening
Social media management
Online ratings and reviews
Influencer marketing
Unboxing videos
Product reviews
Giveaways and contests
Affiliate marketing
Content marketing
Search engine optimization
Digital events
Direct digital marketing
Email marketing
Digital coupons
Referral programs
Product promotion videos
Product demonstrations
Product support content
Local advertising
Online shops
Value added reselling
Online markets
Digital services
Digital products
Subscription boxes
Virtual goods
Mobile apps
Digital surveys
Market research
Competitive intelligence
Pricing analytics
Lead generation


Ecommerce is any business model that is mostly digital such that products and services are sold and/or distributed with digital channels such as websites, apps and software platforms. For example, a digital two-sided market for wholesale goods.

Digital Products

A business model based on digital products and services such as a streaming media service that offers films, television shows and music. It is increasingly common for businesses to have no physical product such that all value created is intangible and digital.

Digital Advertising

Paying to reach customers with a message in digital environments such as websites, apps and games. Digital advertising can also extend into the physical world with elements such as digital posters.

Targeted Advertising

Some forms of digital advertising allow individual customers to be targeted with a message based on elements such as behavior. For example, a search advertising platform that allows you to target customers who are searching for a mortgage.


The practice of continuing to target a customer with regular messages based on some element of their behavior. For example, advertising to customers who have recently visited your website.

Proximity Marketing

Reaching customers with a message when they are in close proximity to you. For example, displaying ads for a restaurant to a customer who is searching for restaurants a block from your location.

Omnichannel Marketing

Integration of your marketing efforts across digital and real world channels such as remarketing to a customer via digital advertising based on in-store behavior. For example, showing a customer ads for socks after they buy socks from your retail store. This is often based on data from apps and loyalty cards. Customers may perceive this as aggressive and informed consent is generally required to do this type of tracking.

Social Media Marketing

Using social media to promote brands, products and services. This can also include other elements of marketing such as public relations, customer service, brand culture and market research. For example, using social media to connect with lead users as part of product development.

Influencer Marketing

A form of social media marketing that involves paying celebrities and other influencers to get a message to your target audience.

Content Marketing

Creating useful content such as videos, podcasts, blogs and whitepapers that attracts an audience for the purposes of brand recognition or generating demand. This can also be extended to the development of useful apps for your target audience. For example, an ecommerce seller of secondhand university textbooks that publishes popular apps for students that creates brand recognition.

Market Research

Digital market research such as a survey or study that examines data from social media.

Database Marketing

The basic process of maintaining a database of your customers to support promotion and other marketing and operational processes.

Salesforce Automation

A class of platforms for managing sales teams and sales processes.

Marketing Automation

A class of platforms for handling a broad range of marketing and sales processes.
Overview: Digital Marketing
Marketing that leverages information technology.
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