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3 Examples of a Customer Base

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A customer base are the current customers of a company, brand, product or service. This is often used to differentiate between customers who you currently serve and the set of all customers you would like to reach as defined by a target market. A customer base can be defined in several different ways:

Recurring Revenue

A service that has recurring fees typically views its active subscribers as its customer base.

Loyal Customers

Customer base may be more or less the same as customer loyalty whereby customers who regularly make purchases are counted as customers. For example, a shampoo that considers customers who have purchased the product at least 9 times in the past 12 months to be its customer base.

All Customers

Unique customers who have made any purchase over a period of time such as a trailing one year period.
Overview: Customer Base
The current customers of a company, brand, product or service.
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