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56 Examples of Advertising

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Advertising is a technique of reaching an audience by paying for messages in media, physical locations such as a billboard or virtual environments such as a game. This plays a role in the economy by transmitting information about product features, prices and quality whereby it may increase competition and benefit consumers. Advertising also plays a role in monetizing and funding a wide range of things from events to television shows. The following are examples of advertising.
Ad personalization
Ad retargeting - showing ads after some interaction occurs
Affiliate marketing
Ambient advertising - integrating ads into the physical environment such as a road
Behavioral advertising - targeted based on user actions
Billboard advertising
Branded content
Branded entertainment
Branded merchandise
Branded products e.g. a shirt with a brand symbol that functions as an advertisement
Classified ads
Contextual advertising - targeted to the media where it is placed
Digital advertising
Direct mail
Display advertising
Email marketing
Event advertising
Guerilla marketing
In-app advertising
In-game advertising
In-store advertising
Influencer marketing
Interactive advertising
Interstitial ads - full screen ads between screens
Magazine ads
Movie theater advertising
Native advertising
Newspaper ads
Out of home advertising - another term for outdoor advertising such as billboards
Outdoor advertising
Package inserts
Podcast sponsorships
Point of sale advertising
Pop-up ads
Print ads
Product placement
Programmatic advertising
Radio advertising
Referral marketing
SMS marketing
Search advertising
Social media marketing
Sponsored content
Sponsored social media posts
Sponsorship marketing e.g. sponsoring a cultural event
Streaming media ads
TV commercials
Trade show displays
Transit advertising
VR and AR advertising
Video advertising
Virtual events
Vlog sponsorships
Overview: Advertising
The practice of paying to reach an audience with a message.
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