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Business Metrics Guide

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Metrics are repeatable techniques that produce meaningful measurements. They can be used to measure strategies, processes, practices and market results such as revenue. The following are commonly used business metrics.


Basic types of metric.

Information Technology

IT metrics cover areas such as technology strategy, governance, projects and operational practices such as service management.


Innovation is the creation of new techniques and products that improve on the old by an order of magnitude. As such, innovation requires a special class of metrics that measure the acquisition of ideas and rate of experimentation .


Marketing metrics measure the effectiveness of advertising, promotion, pricing, branding and product development. They include both high level metrics for measuring the marketing department and low level metrics to measure an individual initiative.


The core operational efficiency of an organization.


Metrics for managing sales strategy and directing sales teams.


Measuring the financial performance and position of an organization.
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Types Of Metrics

The basic types of business metrics.

Cycle Time

A definition of cycle time with examples.


An reasonably comprehensive list of metrics.

IT Metrics

A list of commonly used IT metrics.

Error Rate

Common examples of error rate metrics.

System Analysis Examples

An overview of system analysis with examples.

Marketing Metrics

A list of common ways to measure marketing results.

Data-Driven Marketing

A definition of data-driven marketing with examples.

Customer Loyalty

The common types of loyal customer.


A definition of recency with examples for sales, marketing and advertising.

Active Users

The common types of active user metric.

Active Customer

An overview of active customers as a marketing metric.

Marketing Benchmarks

The definition of marketing benchmark with examples.

Cost Per Lead

The formula for cost per lead with calculation examples.

Marketing Efficiency

An overview of marketing efficiency with calculation examples.
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