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6 Types of Goal

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A goal is a target result. This may appear to be a single concept but actually has several important variations as follows.


Things that you want to happen in the future. Example: becoming a famous musician.

Outcome Goals

Goals for real world outcomes. Example: joining a band.


An objective is a meaningful step towards an end-goal or outcome. Example: learning a musical instrument.

Actionable Goal

An actionable goal is an objective that is within your control such that you can make it happen. Example: attending music lessons and practicing.


A methodology for developing actionable goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound. Example: attending 4 music lessons each month and practicing at least 12 hours.


An intention is a goal for your behavior in every moment of your life. Example: try to be patient, kind and friendly.
It is possible to set all of the goals above as each has a different purpose:
End-goals and outcome goals are useful for setting a vision or direction for your organization, team, project or life in general.
Objectives, actionable goals and SMART goals are critical goals for tasks, activities and other work that you can make happen. Organizations focus on these types of goals as a means to set strategy, plan work, organize processes and manage performance.
Intentions are a means to try to improve as a professional or as a person. These are not task based but rather seek to align your behavior to your ideals.
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