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API Management

68 Examples of Business Software

Business software is any software or software-based service used by a business to create or capture value. This includes in-house software developed by a business, software packages and hosted software such as a cloud platform. The following are common examples of business software.
API Management
Access Management
Accounting Software
Advertising Platforms
Application Testing Tools
Asset Management
Backup & Restore
Billing Software
Business Analytics
Business Continuity Management
Business Intelligence
Cloud Databases / Cloud Storage
Communication Tools
Contact Center Software
Content Management / Content Collaboration
Contract Life Cycle Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Service / Customer Experience Software
Data Integration Tools
Data Mining
Data Quality Tools
Data Visualization
Data Warehousing
Design Software
Developer Tools / Platforms
Digital Advertising
Disaster Recovery
Ecommerce / Digital Commerce
Edge Computing
Employee Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)
Field Service Management
Financial Management Suites
Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
Information Security Software
Knowledge Management
Learning Platforms
Logistics / Transportation Management
Machine Learning
Management Automation
Manufacturing Systems
Master Data Management
Media Production Software
Meeting Software
Mobile App Platforms
Mobile Marketing Platforms
Office Productivity
Point of Sale Systems
Process Automation
Procurement Software
Project Management Software
Release Management
Reporting Software
Risk Management
Robotic Process Automation
Sales Automation
Security Testing Tools
Service Management
Supply Chain
System Integration
Talent Management
Training Platforms
Vendor Management
Video Conferencing
Web Applications

Business Software Examples

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API Management
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