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14 Examples of API Management

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API management is the process of planning, publishing, organizing and controlling application programming interfaces. The following are common examples of API management functions.


Tools and processes for publishing, scaling and maintaining APIs.


Integrating APIs with services such as version control and identity providers.


Providing knowledge resources such as an API specification, documentation, code samples and question forums.

Developer Portal

A tool for development tasks such as generating code and administrative tasks such as key management.


Providing customer support for inquiries, incidents and problems.

Identity Management

Issuing and managing API credentials.

Use Policy

Administering and enforcing limits and policy for use of the API.

Access Management

Securing access to the API with practices such as authentication, authorization and session management.

Information Security

Defending the API from information security threats.

Audit Trail

Recording an audit trail.


Managing the API to provide high availability.

Capacity Management

Planning to meet demand for the API with sufficient resources such as licenses and computing infrastructure.


Monetization such as an API marketplace and billing processes.

Reporting & Analytics

Tools for visualizing and navigating API statistics and usage data.
Overview: API Management
Definition (1)
The process of publishing and controlling API services.
Definition (2)
Tools and platforms for publishing and controlling API services.
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