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55 Examples of Application Software

Application software is software that is primarily designed as a tool for people. This can be contrasted with systems software that is primarily for automation. Application software includes both business software and consumer software with much overlap between the two whereby businesses increasingly use software designed for consumers. The following are common types of application software.
Accounting Software
Animation Platforms
Budgeting Software
Calendars and Scheduling
Cloud Storage Apps
Collaboration Tools
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Content Management Platforms
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Self-service
Data Analysis Tools
Data Visualization
Design Tools
Document Viewers
Ecommerce Apps
Educational Software
Email Clients
Employee Self-service
Engineering Tools
Financial Apps
Games and Immersive Experiences
Generative Artificial Intelligence
Graphic Design Software
Help Desk Platforms
Human Resources Management
Illustration Tools
Instant Messaging Apps
Manager Self-service
Marketing Platforms
Media Production
Music Production
News and Information Apps
Note-taking Apps
Office Productivity Suites
Presentation Software
Productivity Apps
Project Management Software
Salesforce Automation
Scientific Tools
Service Desk Platforms
Social Media Management
Streaming Media Apps
Surveys, Reviews and Feedback Platforms
Task Management Software
Tax Preparation Software
Time-tracking Apps
Video Conferencing
Video Editing
Web Browsers
Word Processing
Mobile apps are software applications for mobile devices. These are so ubiquitous that the variety of mobile apps far exceeds that of desktop or business software.
Cloud services are software applications where they are primarily intended to be used by people using a client such as a mobile app. For example, cloud storage that is primarily used by people to store files such as media.
There is much overlap between software applications and systems technology. For example, a CRM has productivity tools such as analytics for people to use but is also typically involved in the automation of sales, marketing and customer service processes.

Information Technology

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